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2021 HFSI Flight Update

January 01, 2022 - May 01, 2022

Unfortunately, due to the many National HF mandates/restrictions and the weekly increases nationwide of Covid related health issues, the HFSI Board has made the difficult decision to not fly to Washington DC in 2021.  There were many issues/concerns that the HFSI Board had to consider in making this decision.  1.)  ALL traveling on the Honor Flight (Veterans & Guardians) and those helping support the HF events (volunteers & community supporters) would need to be fully vaccinated or show proof that they were tested and received a negative result 72 hrs. before any Honor Flight pre-event or the flight itself.   2.)  Due to current situations with Covid numbers (Vanderburgh Co being yellow zone), the traditional Welcome Home parade inside the EVV airport would not be permitted.  3.)  At this time, the Parks Dept. in Washington DC has not agreed to providing any Honor Flights with the police escort.  If you have been on a flight, then you realize the importance of having the police escort.  4.) During the flight, MASKS would be required by all, even fully vaccinated individuals, on the plane to DC and back to Evansville, while on the motor coaches in DC and some of the memorials.  5.) The Korean War Memorial is currently under major renovations with limited viewing, narrowed walkways and the statues in the grass area are covered with heavy plastic & blocked off.  6.) Washington DC is also currently in the yellow zone with covid numbers.  These are just some of the issues we had to consider in making our decision.

We understand that many are disappointed with this decision but please understand the HFSI board deliberated about this decision for many months and are disappointed as well but feel this is the right decision for our local Veterans, Guardians and Volunteers.  All Veterans who were scheduled in 2020 to fly and then again in 2021 will remain in order per our selection process in our database.  These Veterans will be our top priority in placement onto the next flights that HFSI takes, hopefully in 2022.

Thank You for your patience and understanding with this difficult decision.  If you have questions feel free to send us an email at  We want our local heroes to have their BEST Honor Flight!

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January 1, 2022
May 1, 2022


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