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Q:  Who can go on Honor Flight of Southern IN trip?

A: ​Any US Veteran who served in the military, including National Guard. Veteran applications are filled on a first- come, first served basis according to the following priorities: World War II veterans and terminally ill veterans of any conflict take priority, followed by Korean War and then Vietnam War Veterans. To be put onto the wait list a Veteran application MUST be on file. Complete the online application.


Q:  ​​How much does the trip cost? Who pays for the trip?

A: ​​The Honor Flight experience comes at NO COST TO THE VETERANS. All expenses are paid, with the exception of any souvenirs he/she may wish to purchase. Flights are funded by donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and other groups who wish to be an important part of honoring these heroes. It’s a FREE trip for the Veteran. Guardians DO pay their own trip expenses.


Q:  ​​How can I make a donation?

A: ​​Checks made payable to HONOR FLIGHT SOUTHERN IN can be mailed to: Honor Flight Southern IN PO Box 8234 Evansville, IN 47716 Please check with your employer. Many employers match donations made by their employees. It’s a great way to double your contributions. Donations can also be made by credit card from our website or by using Paypal.


Q:  How many Veterans go on a flight?

A: Depending on plane size, we select 80-85 Veterans for each flight. Each Veteran will have an accompanying Guardian. There will also be HFSI support team members and media on each flight. Approx. 178-188 people on each chartered flight.


Q:  What if the Veteran doesn’t have a family or friend to be their Guardian, can they still fly?

A: Absolutely Yes! A Guardian from our wait list will be assigned to the Veteran.


Q:  When will I be notified that I have been selected as a Veteran?

A: The selection process starts approximately 2 months before flight day. Veterans will receive a phone call to notify them they are being requested to attend an interview day. At the interview day all important paperwork is completed, the medical team will review the medical requirements. There is no need to contact HFSI about when you will fly or submit a second application. All applications are kept and documented by when we received the application, age of veteran and dates of service. HFSI has a selection process in place. The only time to notify HFSI about the veteran is if the veteran has been deemed terminal from a physician.


Q:  ​What is a Guardian & how can I become one?

A: A Guardian is a travel companion for the Veteran and must be 18 years or older. A Guardian can be a spouse, family member, friend of the Veteran who is able to assist the Veteran will ALL their needs. A Guardian must be able to easily lift 100 pounds. Guardians DO PAY for their trip and MUST attend a mandatory training session prior to their flight. To be a Guardian an application must be on file. Complete the application online. Due to the overwhelming requests of Guardian applications, there is a long wait list for Guardians. Most Veterans have their own Guardian who accompanies them on the flight. We encourage those wanting to be a Guardian to find a Veteran who hasn’t been on Honor Flight, sign them up and become their Guardian.


Q:  Can my spouse, mother, father or sibling go with me on trip?

A: Yes, as a Guardian, provided they meet the age and physical requirements needed to fulfill their duties as a guardian at the discretion of our medical team.


Q:  ​​​I am a widow of a World War II and/or Korean War Veteran. Can I go?

A: ​​​Sadly, the answer is no. We simply do not have the resources, funding or seating available to transport all the Veterans who are presently on our wait list.


Q:  ​How can I become a Volunteer?

A: ​Volunteers are the backbone to HFSI. Simply complete the online volunteer application. Once this application is submitted you will receive notices via email when volunteers are needed and when scheduled meetings are happening. HFSI uses Signup Genius for ALL of our volunteer needs.


Q:  ​​What if I require a wheelchair and/or oxygen?

A: ​​Not a problem! A number of Veterans require wheelchairs and the deluxe motor coaches that shuttle us around DC are equipped with wheelchair lifts. HFSI supplies a wheelchair for every Veteran to use on the trip. It is encouraged that Veterans actually use the wheelchair while in DC, even if they don’t think they need it. The flight day is a long day and Veterans do tire easily. If a Veteran requires oxygen, their health care provider must supply a prescription that identifies the delivery method (mask or cannula), frequency (as needed or continuously), and the rate of delivery (liters per minute). FAA regulations do not allow oxygen cylinders on board, therefore an oxygen concentrator that is powered by batteries must be provided. Oxygen cylinders will be provided at no cost to the Veterans while in DC.


Q:  Does HFSI have any paid staff?

A: No! HFSI is an all-volunteer organization, including the Board of Directors


Q:  What if I live here in Evansville but my Veteran does not, can we still apply for the trip?

A: Yes. HFSI covers 14 counties in Southern IN. The Veteran can fly with us if the Guardian lives in one of our represented counties. You would be responsible for getting your Veteran to Evansville and again back home. Accommodations are usually provided at no cost to the Veterans by Dunn Hospitality Group for both the night before the flight and the night of the flight for those living beyond a 50 mile radius of Evansville or who have special needs. All HFSI flights depart & arrive from Evansville Regional Airport only.


Q:  What is Meet & Greet?

A: Two days prior to flight day, we host a dinner for those traveling on the flight. At this dinner the Veterans, Guardians and 1 guest will be treated to a FREE dinner, get to meet the others going on the flight and be given the details of what to expect on Flight day.


Q:  Can anybody attend the Welcome Home Parade at the Evansville Airport?

A: Yes! The Heroes Welcome Home Parade is open to the public to attend. Due to limited parking at the airport we shuttle everybody from designated off-site parking areas to the airport via buses. We will then shuttle everybody back to the off-site parking lots after the parade is completely over. We don’t start the shuttle service while the parade is in process. Only those with an airport parking permit are allowed to park at the airport on flight day. Details about the Welcome Home Parade can always be followed on our Facebook page or the website.


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