What People Are Saying

Glenn Barnett, Guardian - Boonville, IN

“Fantastic Job. Thanks to all for a wonderful Job. It meant so much to see our Veterans get the recognition they deserve!”

Steve Kelley, Guardian - Corydon, IN

“It was GREAT to spend the day with my Dad and other American heros. The receptions at D.C. and Evansville incredible!”

Marlan Maidlow, Veteran - Evansville, IN

“GREAT EXPERIENCE. The volunteers are amazingly good. Thank you sponsors, volunteers for the photo book!”

John Green, Veteran - Providence, KY

“It was a wonderful trip. I appreciate how Honor Flight took care of all of us. I was blessed to be among other veterans.”

Shelly Green, Guardian - Providence, KY

“Attending the Honor Flight with the Veterans was such a honor and blessing. I would recommend every Veteran go on the trip. HFSI really honors the veterans with everything they do.”

Charles Ubelhor, Veteran - Evansville, IN

“The entire experience was amazing. All the volunteers made me feel so special. I appreciate all the time everyone took out of their busy schedules to honor us. This is something I will never forget!”

Cletus James, Veteran - Tell City, IN

“What memories, THANK YOU!”

Darrel Hout, Veteran - Henderson, KY

“Enjoyed my trip to DC with my grandson.”

Joseph Purlee, Veteran - Orleans, IN

“All I can say is a BIG thank you for all your hard work, it has been so Great, THANK YOU!”

Allen Stremming, Guardian - Evansville, IN

“It was an Honor to take this flight with a dear friend. I have never been to an activity so well planned, THANK YOU!

Vernon Schaefer, Veteran - Haubstadt, IN

“We were treated better than we were used to by HFSI. They are exceptional people to do all this volunteer work and give up their time, just to give us a great time in our old age.”

Paul Martin, Veteran - Newburgh, IN

“I’ll NEVER forget how many people who wanted to stop us, take a picture and shake our hand. Thank You for making this experience possible for me.”

Richard Hartmann, Veteran - Evansville, IN

“It was a wonderful experience. I was surprised to see how well organized everything was, thank you for the chance.”

Don Klippel, Veteran - Boonville, IN

“It was an excellent trip. I really was impressed and enjoyed meeting the other veterans.”

Lane Howe, Guardian - Tell City, IN

“Keep up the good work! Thanks for all that you do.”

Dennis Tuley, Guardian - Dale, IN

“ENJOYABLE, A lot of fun shared with my dad!”

Jim Martin, Guardian - Evansville, IN

“This trip renewed my father’s energy and spirit! I’m so fortunate to be able to share this experience with him. Thank you for all that you do for our veterans!”

Jeff Brasher, Guardian - Evansville, IN

“My father, Charles Brasher, and I had a great time. He truly enjoyed seeing the Memorials. He had not been to DC before. HFSI is a well oiled organization. Thanks for what you do for the Veterans.”

Brad Purlee, Guardian - Mitchell, IN

“It was the honor of a lifetime to be able to accompany Dad on EVV7! My sincere thanks to all those who made his trip possible. HFSI is a wonderful organization filled with energetic, sincere people who truly have a servant’s heart.”