What People Are Saying

​Malcom Reeves, ​Veteran - ​Mt.Carmel, IL

“Everything was like clockwork. We were treated like VIP's!”

Charles Vickers, Veteran - Evansville, IN

"Great Trip, Veterans should NOT miss this trip. Thanks to all the many volunteers.”

Rob Smith, Guardian - Evansville, IN

The opportunity to spend the day in our Nation’s Capital with my grandfather and 84 other Veterans was a memory that I will always cherish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

​Sharon Paul, Guardian - Evansville, IN

Absolutely loved it, you all know how to throw a party. If was beyond words to describe. We were deeply honored to been able to take part in it. God Bless!”

​Chesley Rodgers, Veteran - ​Madisonville, KY

Enjoyed my ONCE IN A LIFETIME trip. Thank you all so much for what you do for us!

​Cyril Will, Veteran - Evansville, IN

Best experience ever. Never saw so many volunteers give their heart and soul to the Veterans. Keep up the good work.”

​Norman VanWinkle, Veteran - Evansville, IN

EVV10 trip to Washington Dc was a wonderful experience. I want to thank all the fantastic honor flight volunteers who planned and executed their efforts toward making the trip a HUGE SUCCESS!​”

​Ryan Gadberry , Guardian - ​Indianapolis, IN

What a wonderful trip & experience to share with my grandfather. HFSI puts on one heck of show to salute and honor these amazing men & women who gave so much for us!”

​Cheryl Welp, Guardian - Celestine, IN

Wonderful experience! Emotional & powerful. Recommend the Honor Flight for any Veteran!”

​John Hahn, Guardian - Evansville, IN

“​Very rewarding experience. The Honor Flight staff and all the helpers create a wonderful program. Thank You!”

​Rollin Simpson, Veteran - ​Lynnville, IN

The guided tour of DC was the best thing a person could hope for. I am tremendously impressed by the organization of the Honor Flight and the attention to individuals and details.​”

​Don Mullis, Veteran - ​Rockport, IN

“​The thrill of my life! I’ll be forever thankful for the privilege of meeting so many Vets & Sponsors. I would recommend this trip for any veteran. The volunteers and crew were great.”

​David McPike, Veteran - ​Celestine, IN

Wish every Vet would take the trip. GREAT EXPERIENCE!”

​Phillip Self, Veteran - ​Newburgh, IN

“​A humbling experience – would go again in a minute. Very appreciative of all the work put in the whole program & flight. GOOD JOB & THANK YOU!”

​John Swanson, Guardian - Wadesville, IN

"Thanks to HFSI for a once in a lifetime experience, taking a trip to DC with my father.”

​Herschel Grigsby, Veteran - Evansville, IN

“​Loved every minute of it. Would do it again. Thank you for what HFSI has done for all Veterans!”

Jim Martin, Guardian - Evansville, IN

“This trip renewed my father’s energy and spirit! I’m so fortunate to be able to share this experience with him. Thank you for all that you do for our veterans!”

James Dix Jr., Veteran - ​Robinson, IL

I had heard Veterans who had taken previous flight talk about what a great experience it was but when I experienced it myself, I realized you can never really know how great it is from listening to others. I am amazed at the number of volunteers and how well organized everything was. THANKS HFSI!!”