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Carol Bryant, ​Veteran - ​Mt. Vernon, IN

“​Tremendous experience!  I enjoyed all of the memorials, especially the women's memorial.  It was a great day with other veterans experiencing Washington DC, as well as the very special Homecoming Parade in Evansville ~ an awesome experience!”

​Barbara Richey, Guardian - Grandview, IN

“It was a very emotional and rewarding to watch all the veterans treated with Royalty.  The "Welcome Home" was FANTASTIC!"​

​Jerry Langford, Veteran - Evansville, IN

"​This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  They treated us veterans like Kings.  Great Organization!"

​John Ash, Guardian - ​Newburgh, IN

It was such an honor to have the honor of being a vet myself and being able to take my PaPaw on the trip, that he will never forget!”​

​Harold Sanders, Veteran - ​Evansville, IN

“It was a wonderful experience.  It was everything I expected plus more.”​​

Don Feuerbach, Veteran - Rockport, IN

This was one of the most fun & happiest days of my life!”​

​Tony Guerrero, Veteran - Bloomington, IN

​"This was an amazing experience and I encourage other veterans to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the fellowship offered by HFSI.”

Ronald Austin, Veteran - ​Evansville, IN

The Honor Flight was one of my great experiences in my life.  A big salute to the people who made it possible!  If all people treated others in the way the Honor Flight personnel treated the veterans, it would be a taste of heaven on earth!”​​

​Charles Weisman, Veteran - Ireland, IN

The trip was awesome, and the welcome home celebration was an unbelievable experience.  The HFSI team does a tremendous job for us veterans on this trip.  Thanks for all you do!!!"

Brad Clauss, Guardian - ​Madisonville, KY

“Appreciate all of you guys and gals for taking the time and donating your time to honor our area veterans.  AWESOME JOB!!”​

​Jimmy Bryant, Veteran - ​Princeton, IN

“​This is a very awesome experience and should be taken by all veterans.  The volunteers are just great, so kind and caring.  Please do not ever stop this event! Thank You.

​Jodi Beals, Guardian - ​Henderson, KY

“​HFS​I is an amazing experience.  Veterans are treated like royalty.  Everything is well organized, such thoughtful things are done for the veterans.  So glad I was able to share this experience with my dad.  Thank you HFSI so much for doing this!'

​Kathy Oxby, Guardian - ​Evansville, IN

One of the best experiences of my life!  Seeing the monuments thru the eyes of the vets is a precious memory for me.  The Veterans are our Nations Treasures.”​

​Dorris Fitch,  ​Veteran - ​Princeton, IN

"​It was a great trip, very organized.  I would recommend it anyone, it was an honor to go to DC.  I met so many people.  It was just a pleasure.  Going to the Vietnam wall and seeing friends of mine who didn't make it home was very humbling being able to be there.  Thank you!”

Ann Georges, ​Veteran - ​Ft. Branch, IN

“​I can't imagine the amount of work and planning it took to make everyone have such a wonderful experience.  It ran so smoothly in spite of the rain.  It's not possible to say enough good words for your good job.  If I was younger, I would love to volunteer!!"

​Joseph Braddock, Veteran - ​Evansville, IN

“​My experience of the trip was like a dream. At the airports seeing the people waving and the firetrucks was pretty awesome.  But when we got back home it was overwhelming how good everyone made us fell.  Yes, I ended up crying.  So, I thank all of you!”​

George Provence, Veteran - ​Newburgh, IN

“​It was an honor to be part of the most memorable day of my life - right next to my wedding day.  My heartfelt thanks to making me feel special and my heartfelt gratitude to the many volunteers and businesses who made this possible!”​

​Barbara Schenks, Veteran - ​Oakland City, IN

​I will always remember this trip!  It was a great experience.  Thank you ALL!


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