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Ray Falls, ​Veteran - ​Ft. Branch, IN

“​Had a wonderful trip – Would not change a thing – THANK YOU ALL!”

​Luke Euler, Guardian - Evansville, IN

What an event. My grandpa is my best friend so to be able to be his guardian was a blessing and a memory I will never forget!”​

​Fred Austin, Veteran - Evansville, IN

"​Providing old memories, familiar faces, a great tribute.”​

​Robert Lehman, Veteran - ​Newburgh, IN

One of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Thanks to all who had a part of this great organization.”​

​Paul Reese, Veteran - ​Vincennes, IN

I loved the trip. It was very organized and wonderful volunteers. Wonderful memories and one of the highlights of my life. Thank You, God Bless You.”​​

William Miller, Veteran - Evansville, IN

This was the best trip I’ve been on. I enjoyed the memorials. All the volunteers were so nice and helpful. I couldn’t have received a better honor. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.”​

​Donald Hartig, Veteran - Evansville, IN

​"It was an unforgettable experience. I would highly recommend to any veteran. Winning the quilt will be something I will cherish always.”

John Case , Veteran - ​Mt. Vernon, IN

I was very excited to receive the call telling me I was selected to go on the flight. It was the highlight of my year. This group is the best organization I have had the pleasure of being with.”​​

​Larry Nobles, Veteran - Corydon, KY

The most well planned experience for a Veteran ever. As a Vet going into & out of service, never felt this kind of care. God Bless this organization and the people behind it.”​

Jerry Eckert, Veteran - ​Evansville, IN

Great Flight. Tremendous Day. Everybody was so good, guides were so knowledgeable, my guardian was great. Loved the whole day, who recommend it for all Veterans.”​

​Darrin Bailey, Guardian - ​Princeton, IN

“​My father & I cannot express our thanks enough for the memories and the overwhelming time that we had. We have shared our trip with everyone. The experience of a lifetime. Thank You So Much!”

​Ronald Mattingly, Veteran - ​Evansville, IN

“​​I had a wonderful day. I think it is a great thing that is done for the Veterans. The Honor Flight is First Class and all the people are so wonderful. My escort was fabulous. THANK YOU!”​

​Michael Zehr, Guardian - ​Dubois, IN

What an honor to take my dad on this trip. Also, what an honor to be able to share the day with other vets and guardians. It has inspired me to ask everyone if they were in the service and helping sign them up for future trip. What an awesome event.”​

​Robert Dix, ​Veteran - ​Madisonville, KY

"​It was an honor for me to be invited by this organization. Proud to be able to serve my Country & be recognized for my services. God Bless my Country & my Guardian. A BIG THANK YOU!”

​Andrew VanCamp, ​Veteran - ​Newburgh, IN

“​It has meant everything in the world to me. From seeing the monuments, to be able to fly again, to the Welcome Home. It really meant a lot to see the appreciation given to Veterans in general and how important were all made to feel.”

​Walter Russell, Veteran - ​Evansville, IN

“​We have enjoyed our Honor Flight and all of the events very much. We are amazed at the details and organized events. All volunteers have to be very dedicated to this organization and give a lot of their time to accomplish what they do.”​

Merle Mullis, Veteran - ​Tell City

“​The Honor Flight was a very enjoyable and well-planned trip. Very educational. We have been telling everyone that they need to go. It gave us a great feeling.”​

​Terry Chambon, Veteran - ​Vincennes, IN

Words cannot express our gratitude for this wonderful experience. Thanks for all the staff & volunteers who put in all the effort for this wonderful event. If it wasn’t for this opportunity, I would have never been able to see Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial and changing of the guards.”


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