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Don Schmitt, ​Veteran - ​Princeton, IN

“​Everything about the experience is first class.  The people in HFSI make everyone feel welcomed and wanted.  From the application process to the trip and after.  It's something that anyone who is fortunate enough to get the opportunity will never forget.

​Marty Mason, Guardian - Vincennes, IN

Going on the Honor Flight was one of the most humbling and exciting times of my life.  I have always been a proud American.  After this experience, I am prouder to be and of my dad Alfred Mason!”​

​Jimmie Williams, Veteran - Boonville, IN

"​Was so proud to get to go.  A Fantastic Trip All Around."

​Jason Grant, Guardian - ​Newburgh, IN

I would like to thank all who is involved with HFSI.  The most memorable experience with my dad, giving him the honor, he deserves.  Amazing Experience.”​

​David Brummett, Veteran - ​Washington, IN

The Honor Flight experience has been wonderful.  My family reminds me often, but having the Honor Flight organization reminding me of my service means the world to me.  It shows the community appreciates my service.”​​

William Miller, Veteran - Evansville, IN

This was the best trip I’ve been on. I enjoyed the memorials. All the volunteers were so nice and helpful. I couldn’t have received a better honor. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.”​

​Leo Ellsworth, Veteran - Owensville, IN

​"This was a trip I will never forget.  The experience was unbelievable, everyone was so very nice and thoughtful.  A highlight of the trip was being able to make this trip with my lifetime friend and buddy.  Every veteran needs to make this trip and experience this awesome trip for themselves.”

Michael Gettings , Guardian - ​Henderson, KY

The Honor this organization gives to these veterans, who have given so we can enjoy our freedoms, is so overwhelming.  I am blessed to be a part of it.  God Bless you all, God Bless America.”​​

​Thomas Robinson, VeteranW.Terre Haute, IN

It was a trip of a lifetime.  My wife & I still talk about the trip; we tell everyone we meet about how awesome the trip was.  I was able to make the trip with my best friend from my youth, and that gave even more meaning to our trip.  On the trip I realized how people really appreciated my service.  EVV13 will always be a special memory!"

Anthony Seib, Veteran - ​Haubstadt, IN

This is a very good organization.  HFSI should be very proud of all they do for the Veterans.  The trip was very well organized and special.  My best thing was the Korean War Memorial.  I would highly recommend every veteran to sign up and go.”​

​Lonnie Maihle, Guardian - ​Elberfeld, IN

“​The number of volunteers and people that help make this possible is amazing.  I met some great people.  The respect these Veterans have for each other goes without words.  A lot can be learned from these men and women.  Thank You.

​Burt Martin, Veteran - ​Evansville, IN

“​​I can't imagine how something this great and fantastic could ever be improved on.  I'm sure for every veteran, he or she felt and experienced a lot of memories from their time in service.  And while reflecting on those times it made new memories from the Honor Flight experience.  Veterans once strangers, forever brothers and sisters and the HFSI gratefully produces those profound feelings.”​

​Michelene Preske, Guardian - ​Evansville, IN

My father Wayne Thompson had a wonderful experience.  The day was great, and the staff were amazing and so helpful.  GREAT JOB!”​

​Gretchen Kirsch,  ​Guardian - ​Newburgh, IN

"​Most wonderful experience I've ever had, especially with my dad.”

Eugene Blessinger, ​Veteran - ​Jasper, IN

“​Very good feeling of appreciation and love coming into Washington and Evansville.  The Welcome Home was just wonderful!

​Frank Andrecht, Veteran - ​Evansville, IN

“​It was an honor to be chosen for this Honor Flight, EVV13.  My son was my guardian, which made the flight extra special.  My daughter also had a part in the process.  The many Memorials were reminders of the many who surrendered their lives for maintaining our freedoms.”​

William Dietsch, Veteran - ​Ft.Branch, IN

“​A once in a lifetime experience!”​

​Terry Chambon, Veteran - ​Vincennes, IN

Words cannot express our gratitude for this wonderful experience. Thanks for all the staff & volunteers who put in all the effort for this wonderful event. If it wasn’t for this opportunity, I would have never been able to see Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial and changing of the guards.”


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